December 10

12.10.22 Card of the Day: Passion Ignited

Yesterday was a really great day for me. The cards pulled for my daily reading, Three of Fire and The Lovers really showed up.

I spent hours talking to one of my best friends. We reflected on the past, dreamed about the future, and gave each other so much love and support. I shared my plans and vision for the coming days and year, while she shared hers. My friend was able to reflect to me the ways that she’s seen me grow, just in the past few months.

To me that was so powerful, beacuse to have someone else see this new version of me is amazing. It means a lot!

Another thing that happened is a spark began to grow. I actually got out and visited a friend in honor of their birthday.

So much is coming into alignment for me. Things I didn’t quite understand before are making perfect sense. My mission of Spiritual Love is growing and expanding in beautiuful ways and I truly feel at peace with myself.

Love is definitely in the air, and I have a feeling it’s going to elevate pretty quickly! I just realized what I named this post ‘Passion Ignited’ actually contains my word for 2022. I will be sharing a post soon reflecting on the word Passion/Passionate and how that showed up for me.


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