November 30

11.30.22 Card of the Day: Making Balanced Choices


This daily practice with the Herbcrafter’s tarot has truly been rewarding. My card today is the Two of Air, associated with Chicory.

This card typically means truth, choice, the need to trust my intuition, and also to listen.

Twos are about partnership, giving and receiving, and balance. When it comes to making a decision it’s important to consider all sides and options. Also this card reminds me to use both my heart and mind, intuition and logic.

I’m feeling into some decisions around my work, but more so my relationships. Who I’m connecting with, how, and why are all things that I’m considering.

Chicory provides so many benefits to nature. It’s a pollinator and provides homes for different birds and animal life. While many consider it a weed it’s beneficial for so many reasons.

What I choose for myself may not be right in someone else’s eyes. My decisions are mine alone to make, but I’m doing so I need to consider how my choices will impact others.


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