November 29

11.29.22 Card of the Day: Message Received! Get To It!

Yesterday my Card of the Day was Hija of Earth. The message I received from her was to build upon what I already have with a fresh perspective and to be curious.

After running into a few unresolvable tech issues, I decided that it would make more sense to have 1 website for all the things.

Marketing Gurus would say different, but F that and F the rules. When I do what I feel called and led to I succeed. I was really worried about how to serve and who to serve, but I can see it now.

The cards that jumped out today were Curandera of Water ~ Seaweed and Eight of Earth ~ Turmeric. These are such beautiful cards. The Curandera of Water shows a beautiful ritual bath being prepared with seaweed. This feels so peaceful and nourishing, reminding me that I have found solace with the decision I made in my healing and spiritual work.

I also was guided through a class in The Art of Holding Mystical Ceremonies Online, by Sora that helped me get clear on who I am here to serve and how.

Eight of Earth features Turmeric one of my favorites! This is the card of putting in work, mastery, skill, and manifesting. What I love about this card in the guide book it speaks of teaching what you know. Sharing your skills and that is what I received in my guidance yesterday.

At the bottom of the deck was the Hija of Earth, this was confirmation to me that I am on the right path and what the Great Mother desires for me to focus on at this time. Now that I know what to do, it’s time to do it, but from a place of devotion and love.

I know that I am here to teach and heal, this is what I see in the cards.


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