November 21

11.21.22 Card of the Day: At the Altar

I pulled my card this morning and reflected on it throughout the day. The Curandera of Fire has come up in many of my readings and I will be exploring why.

I really love this card. When it first showed up in a reading the hands really caught my attention. They clearly show the hands of an elder, who continues to be devoted to her altar and spiritual practices.

In a traditional deck, this is the King of Wands. He’s charismatic, passionate, energetic, and a leader. This King can be intense, but also can be faithful and protective. This card also embodies the energy of being a visionary.

Fire is a sacred element, often used in rituals or ceremony. It clears, cleanses, and can purify.

The Curanderas in the Herbcrafter’s Tarot are healers, and keeper of the elements. The hands in this card show the alchemical sign for fire. They are the wise ones and represent faith in the mysterious.

Even as an elder there is still passion and dedication to spiritual practices. Receiving wisdom and using the wisdom she has gathered throughout her life. Another aspect of this card in the Tarot is also about passion and sensuality. Depending on the cards, it could indicate that the King of Wands is a player. As a King, in this suit, they should have mastered this energy so as not to embody the vibe of a player.

The Curandera of Fire features a lot of goddess energy and hints to sensuality. The herb Damiana is an aphrodisiac. It’s also used to treat sexual issues, among other things.

This card is about owning your feminine sexual power and practicing self love rituals, as well as living life passionately. Adding things to my life that make me feel good and allow me to use my creative and or sensual energy.

Something else that came up is to act on the wisdom that I receive.

Since this card has been showing up so much, I’m going to create a spread to explore hit even more to get to the root of the wisdom this card is bringing to me.


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