January 20

01.20.23 COTD: You Are Needed and Valuable

The Three of Gourds is the card that came up for me today. Looking at this card I see community, sharing, working together, and pouring into.

One of the things I noticed was the figure in the background. It seems that her gourd wasn’t being filled in the same way. It reminded me to always step forward and ask for what I need.

I wasn’t sure what this card was in regard to until I had a hard conversation this morning. I decided to make some changes in my career and struggled with what, when, and how to share this information.

So I blurted it out, and guess what…nothing bad happened. I was able to express my truth and find a way to expand what I’m doing rather than constrict it, and that felt really, really good to me.

Knowing that I am valuable, needed, and part of a team and community feels amazing. I’m grateful for having people in my life that see me and want to be there for me.

Today was a good day. Love and harmony were flowing in, but also like the figure in the back of the card, there were some areas where things felt stagnant for me. I made the decision to pull back.

If you aren’t being served, get up from the table.


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