January 8

01.08.23 COTD: Feeling into the Flow

I got a little off track due to traveling, and almost made the decision to skip journaling my cards. I’m glad I didn’t. I had an amazing time this weekend learning how to use and apply cupping as a massage therapist.

Today I’m resting and allowing myself to recover.

The card I pulled Lil Gourd is about emotions, dreams, and spiritual connections. I found myself coming down with something out of nowhere and felt it was my body and spirit detoxing from the cupping I received.

I didn’t have time for much other than rest. I drank lots of tea and took it easy. One of the things that stood out in this card was the starfish.

In checking out the guidebook it spoke of starfish representing divine love and infinite wisdom. It also brought up the fact that they can regenerate.

How I was feeling it felt like I was releasing a lot. Shedding energy and toxins that I didn’t need and it forced my body into a rest phase.

This gave me time to rest, journal and dream rather than trying to push through the start of the year.

I reflecting on my relationships and landed in a very soft place being mindful of wounds that are still healing. This card was a beautiful one to pull.


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