January 4

01.04.23 COTD: Spirit Pour Into Me!

This morning I woke up and decided to shift my energy by listening to Louise Hay. I’m continuing to contemplate how I’m spending my time and if I have the energy to continue supporting various projects.

The card I pulled is the Two of Gourds. My heart and mind are open to receive but I only desire to be filled with what will inspire me.

All too often my cup is left empty or I’m doing all the pouring for others. No more! I know that the Great Mother is my source and she nourishes me.

With my focus being on devotion this year, pulling the Two of Gourds aligns with the energy of balance, love, and also gives an element of restoration. Rest is something that I’ve been prioritizing lately, and my dreams provide me with so many messages.

Be mindful of what I am receiving, and what is allowed to fill my cups.


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